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Pets Not Allowed per City of Mount Dora Ordinance

Mount Dora is well-known for it’s pet-friendly nature and most shop owners and restaurants can accommodate pets. However, during Special Events, City Council has passed an ordinance that does NOT allow dogs inside the event area. This is especially true of the larger events that draw thousands of people.

Sec. 74.295. – Animals prohibited without special permission.
Per section 18.070 of the Mount Dora Code of Ordinances, animals are prohibited from special events unless specifically authorized by permission of the city council. Service dogs are permitted per state statute. In the spirit of communicating current policy direction and avoiding on-going requests for special event consideration to allow animals, the current policy direction of the city council is to not allow animals at our special events, other than those specifically oriented toward pet-friendly activity ( e.g. Yappy Hour, PAWS events, etc.)
(Ord. No. 2011-18, § 2, 12-15-11)

Sec. 18.070. – Public events.
No animal owner or person having charge, care, custody, or control of any animal shall permit, either willfully or through failure to exercise due care and control, any animal to enter upon public property being used for a special event authorized by the council without the permission of the council.
This prohibition shall not apply to animals properly trained for and being used for the assistance of a person who is blind, deaf, or otherwise handicapped.
(Ord. No. 634, § 1(6.080), 4-19-94)

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