Handcrafted car gun holsters are one of the newest items at the festival


Like all merchandise at our festival, pistol holsters are handcrafted by artisans in the USA. Each holster is handcrafted to match a specific pistol model.


Creating each holster, the craftsmen try to make it as original as possible, unlike the others. All products presented at the festival are made on the basis of rich experience and study of the needs and tastes of customers. For example, there are gun holsters for left-handed people, there are truck gun rack holsters, there are mounts for transporting weapons in a pickup truck, there are hidden holsters for pistols. Among other things, it is possible to manufacture a holster according to your own design to order. To have an individual car holsters are just a great idea, such an accessory for a weapon, like a gun magnets for car, is very convenient, ergonomic, which is not unimportantly safe and will always distinguish the owner from everyone else..


Gun holders for cars and cargo rifle mounts are always made of genuine leather, metal, Kevlar and polymer. The handmade car holster guarantees reliability, strength and durability and the highest quality.

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