Exhibitor Info.

Hello  Mount Dora Spring Festival exhibitors!

The DEADLINE to Apply for the March 16 & 17, Mount Dora Spring Festival is January 15, .
If you apply after Jan 15, you will be automatically placed on the Wait List.
*NEW in *  Retail/Buy Sell vendors will be charged a higher premium fee over Crafters/Artists.

Applications will be reviewed for consideration prior to acceptance. Registration is NOT a GUARANTEE of ACCEPTANCE.

10 x 10 base booth fees for the 2 day event:

$200 single/$375 dbl + tax for artists/crafters. Only Hand Craft vendors and Artists will be considered at this rate. 

$350 single/$675 dbl + tax for Retail/Buy Sell vendors selling goods on site.
$1000 for Business/Lead generating/Branding community partners.

Corners and spaces on 4th Ave and Donnelly St are premium locations with additional fees.

Food Vendors $325
Electric available $75

PARKING- Because of the low number of available parking spaces in our historic downtown event area, only ONE SPACE will be assigned to each exhibitor!

There are exactly enough spaces in each lot for the assignments we have given so please be courteous and do not park in a lot that you were not assigned.

Remember, ONE vehicle OR trailer may be parked in the assigned lot unless you marked “Trailer” on your application and are assigned Lot 10.

If you need additional parking, arrive early and plan to park outside of the event area.

Your Exhibitor Pass / Parking Permit must be clearly displayed on your vehicle dashboard or affixed to your trailer.  Vehicles and trailers without passes are subject to being towed!

FRI  Set Up

Fri Set Up *HELPFUL TIP- * If you can Dolly-in (walk items to your space) from your parking lot on Friday, you will avoid the vehicle traffic during the Load-in times.  You must be in your assigned parking lot before 4:30 pm or you will need to wait until the time listed on your Exhibitor Pass / Parking Permit and enter with the other vehicles. Anyone can opt to Dolly In.

If you choose to Dolly -In, you will be allowed to walk your items to your booth space. Keep all items OFF the road against the curb. Once the Police give us the “All Clear” you will be allowed to start set up at approx. 5:00 pm.  Do NOT start your set up before the all-clear is given or you will be asked to tear it down.

If you plan to dolly and get to your assigned lot but determine it is too far, simply leave the event area and enter at your designated Entry Point with your vehicle at your assigned Load In Time on your Exhibitor Pass / Parking Permit .

If you need to unload directly from your vehicle at your booth space on Friday night, you are assigned a Load-in Time and an Entry Point on your  Exhibitor Pass / Parking Permit  . You will be allowed to drive into the event area at or any time after your assigned Set Up time. FOLLOW the arrows on the map to get to your booth space. Drop your items at your space, Go Park and return on foot to complete set up.

SAT & SUN Set Up– ANYONE can come in on Saturday 6:30 am – 8:00 am to set up or complete your set up. You do NOT need to dolly on Saturday and Sunday morning.  Enter at your assigned Entry Point after 6:30 am and obey the traffic pattern on your map.

BAKER St Exhibitors- If your booth space starts with “B” you are on Baker St and you will stage directly in front of your booth space.  You will receive special instructions from Brian shortly.

If you forget your pass or cannot print it, you can go to the Check In at 1st Methodist Church on 5th Ave at Grandview St. Friday 2-6pm or Sat 6:30 – 8:30am.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and if you have questions or require clarification please do not hesitate to call me.  If you cannot access your pass, contact me!

Our FB Event Page is up and running. Please mark yourself as GOING and Invite your friends to the page to help promote the event. Feel free to upload your photos of product, booth number information, etc.


Janet Gamache (352)217-8390

Festival Event Coordinator


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